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Western Union Business Solutions GlobalPay service is payment processing the way it should be - a global online platform offering streamlined processing, reduced costs and errors, and tools for improving cash and risk management. The GlobalPay service makes international payments and receipts easy for companies of any size.

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GlobalPay service Features

  • Real Time VISIBILITY of your future foreign currency need
  • CERTAINTY when managing foreign currency exposures
  • EFFICIENT management of foreign invoices
  • Market INTELLIGENCE and automatic notification of rate movements

The key benefits offered by the GlobalPay service include:

Streamlined Payment Processing

GlobalPay service provides your business with a streamlined method for processing outgoing payments to over 170 countries and territories, in more than 130 currencies. Some of the more popular currencies in the region are THB, KRW, TWD, MYR, IDR, PHP etc.

Reduced Payment Costs and Errors

The GlobalPay service enables you to search for your beneficiary’s bank using just one or two pieces of information, such as bank address and city. The platform then provides complete and up-to-date payment instructions for that bank – helping you to avoid time-consuming and costly errors resulting from use of incorrect banking instructions.

Track Payments Easily

Our simple tracking tool enables you and your beneficiaries to track and trace your payments through the process, so you can instantly see the status of payments. GlobalPay service also automatically emails your beneficiary once a payment is released to them so you have less chaser calls.

Integration with Your Finance/ERP System

The GlobalPay service can offer 360-degree integration with your Finance/ERP system. This allows you to upload files directly, to eliminate manual re-keying of payment instructions; the platform also has the capability to provide full reconciliation back into your finance system, and streamlined remittance delivery to your suppliers.

Cash Management

We understand cash flow challenges and risks that business face every day, provide your business with an online tool that houses a range of cash management solution – from being able to easily monitor the payment dates of foreign invoices, to ensuring full visibility of the cost of these invoices, while also making the process of managing them as trouble-free as possible.

Enhanced Currency
Risk Management Tools

The GlobalPay service helps you identify currency risk within your payment processes, and determine a suitable risk management strategy that you can implement to cover risk and protect your bottom line.

Find out more about our suite of Risk Management tools and strategies. Find out more.

Detailed Reporting

With GlobalPay reports services, you can download reports of your transactions, pending payments, beneficiaries, and more. We keep all this information online, readily available to you.

Find out more about how the GlobalPay service can provide your business with streamlined processing, reduced costs and errors, and tools for improving cash and risk management.

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